Bakhtin: Speech Genres

Speech genres, separated into primary and secondary divisions, are defined by Bakhtin as “relatively stable types of utterances” (1227). Further, “Each separate utterance is individual [. . .]” (1227). Illuminating the utterance, one must note that the utterance is not only individual in nature, but the utterance does not exist independent of itself. The utterance,… Continue Reading Bakhtin: Speech Genres

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Bakhtin, Althusser, & Hall: Ideologies

As noted by Bakhtin, locating an ideology within consciousness is inadvertently fallacious. Idealism and psychologism “overlook” an imperative; bound by semiotic material, approach to ideology seems to be applied through a unifying concept. This methodology can be understood as a “world of signs” in which “A sign does not simply exist as a part of… Continue Reading Bakhtin, Althusser, & Hall: Ideologies

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