Meme Composition & Rethinking Architecture

This presentation was given at the 17th Annual Student Research Colloquium, held at St. Cloud State University in Spring 2014.  In “The Still-Unbuilt Hacienda,” Geoffrey Sirc revisits the physical structure of a classroom in the 1960s. Here, he presents the voice of William Lutz: The classroom as presently structured does not provide the environment in… Continue Reading Meme Composition & Rethinking Architecture

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Reflexive Interfaces & Hacking Space

Reflexive Interfaces “But we will end with a question for the designers of interfaces, as well as for those who teach the designers of interfaces: Is it possible to design—is it worth pursuing the design of—reflexive interfaces, interfaces that themselves encourage the wider kinds of seeing we have discussed here, interfaces that encourage their audiences to… Continue Reading Reflexive Interfaces & Hacking Space

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