Foucault Applications: Discourse & Ideology

McKerrow establishes a theoretical rationale for critical rhetoric. In so doing, critiques of both domination and freedom actuate “the general thrust of critical rhetoric’s analysis of discourse” (McKerrow 92). I found McKerrow’s critique of domination to be particularly compelling. The ruling class, instead of merely considering explicit restraint of contrary ideas, negotiates an accepted “inflammatory… Continue Reading Foucault Applications: Discourse & Ideology

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Bakhtin, Althusser, & Hall: Ideologies

As noted by Bakhtin, locating an ideology within consciousness is inadvertently fallacious. Idealism and psychologism “overlook” an imperative; bound by semiotic material, approach to ideology seems to be applied through a unifying concept. This methodology can be understood as a “world of signs” in which “A sign does not simply exist as a part of… Continue Reading Bakhtin, Althusser, & Hall: Ideologies

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