The West, Part II

Response to: Abbot, “Rhetoric & Writing in the Renaissance” Blair, selections from Lectures on Rhetoric & Belles Lettres Locke, selections from An Essay Concerning Human Understanding Smith, Lectures on Rhetoric & Belles Lettres, 2-20 Whately, selections from Elements of Rhetoric Wilson, The Arte of Rhetoric, Book One “Brian Vickers suggests that the Renaissance “reintegrated” the study of rhetoric after the… Continue Reading The West, Part II

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The West, Part I

  Aristotle, On Rhetoric (Book 1, Chs. 1-3, 6, 9-11) & Nicomachean Ethics (Book 6) Atwill, “Instituting the Art of Rhetoric” Isocrates, Against the Sophists Walker, Prologue & Chapter Two from The Genuine Teachers of This Art Enos, “The Art of Rhetoric at Rhodes” Augustine, On Christian Doctrine (Book IV) Scholastics Link 1 Link 2 Great Chain of Being Isaacs, Introduction from The Invention of Racism… Continue Reading The West, Part I

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