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Beaumont Tower on the MSU campus in winter.

Beaumont Tower in winter, located in the heart of the MSU campus.

Michigan State University

Graduate Teaching Assistant. Department of Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures. August 2014–.


WRA 360: Visual Rhetoric & Document Design

In this writing, analysis, and production-intensive course, students explore how design elements work within different types of documents; consider and experiment with the different rhetorical moves that can be made with various formatting and design choices; and describe, analyze, articulate, and justify  design decisions. Students utilize various tools, such as advanced features in MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.


WRA 210: Introduction to Web Authoring
This course is an intensive introduction to composing for digital environments. Students learn basic web authoring skills to put good design into practice as they build usable and accessible websites. Students also learn principles of user-centered design, accessibility, usability, and sustainability as they construct professional portfolios. My approach to this course emphasizes technologies for, within, and about communities.


WRA 110: Writing: Science & Technology
WRA 110 is a thematic course fulfilling the Tier 1 writing requirement. In this course, I lead students as they construct and maintain professional learning networks, engage in critiques of technologies, and produce collaborative technology designs that respond to real-world issues. Emphasis is also given to multiple peer review sessions, providing feedback, and strategies for deep revision facilitated by Eli Review.


WRA 150: Evolution of American Thought
WRA 150 fulfills the Tier 1 Writing Requirement for undergraduate students at Michigan State University. My approach to this course emphasizes the many locations of learning and literacy in the lives of students, and I provide multiple opportunities for peer review, providing feedback, and revision for each project using Eli Review. I also guide students as they engage in crafting remix projects for specific audiences.

Selected co-created projects & rubrics (all fall 2014):



St. Cloud State University

Graduate Teaching Associate. Department of English. August 2012-May 2014.

ENGL 191: Introduction to Rhetorical & Analytical Writing
English 191 introduces students to the theory, principles, and processes of effective written communication typically encountered in college courses. Emphasis is placed upon analytical reading and writing, discussion, and student-to-student evaluation of written arguments. My approach to this course centered on critical questions of communication technologies, digital literacy, and visual rhetoric, and I guided students as they remixed/remediated arguments for audiences outside the academy.

Selected assignments and activities: